Facades of the Future

Tune in here for the panel discussion where Eco Design's director - Andy Horn - contributes as one of the experts on the panel discussion's webinar discussing FACADES OF THE FUTURE - hosted by Marcus Evans Events , of which Andy Horn is one of the guest panellists.

The building's façade is the essential element and amongst the most challenging aspects of a building to design as it becomes the epitome of an iconic building. With technology accelerating at a rapid pace, advanced facade design changes dynamically. Understanding trend data around façade design and geometry helps us see the direction the future is moving in, and as façades become more sophisticated with technological advancements, there is so much more scope for innovation.

Join our webinar to discuss and debate the design and performance of next-generation facades and gain critical takeaways and proven insights on making your ideas become a reality. We bring together the best building professionals and experts to share insights on how facade ideas are brought to life.

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"E-WIRE" lights by Andy Horn

The Eco Design lighting range is made from local or recycled materials. Standing Floor Lamps, Desk Lamps, Pendant Lights and Chandeliers are available. The lamp stands are from locally moon phase harvested alien timber. Recycled car parts are used as bases. Various paper shades & low energy LED light bulbs provide good lighting and create a beautiful atmosphere.

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Eco Design is also specialized in dome construction. A couple of dome structures have been built. Click below to view images

Project 1

Project 2