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LED Light Bulbs from Pharox
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LED Light Bulbs from Pharox

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Prices and specifications - Download our E-Brochures here:

Pharox 300

Pharox 300 - Flame

Pharox 400

R 189,00 per bulb (Incl. VAT)

  • 6 watt
  • 300 lumen
  • Warm White Light
  • Equivalent to 60 Watt Incandescent

R 189,00 per bulb (Incl. VAT)

  • 6 watt
  • 300 lumen
  • Warm Ambiance Light
  • Equivalent to 60 Watt Incandescent

R 224,00 per bulb (Incl. VAT)

  • 8 watt
  • 400 lumen
  • Warm White Light
  • Equivalent to 80 Watt Incandescent


Pharox 500

Pharox 200 - Candle

R 257,00 per bulb (Incl. VAT)

  • 8 watt
  • 500 lumen
  • Natural White Light
  • Equivalent to 100 Watt Incandescent
Download e-brochure (PDF 250 KB)

R 139,00 per bulb (Incl. VAT)

  • 4 watt
  • 170 lumen
  • Warm White Light
  • Equivalent to 40 Watt Incandescent

Please note: Prices are inclusive of VAT & exclusive of postage. Please contact us for prices of bulk orders (60 or more bulbs).


About LED Light Bulbs from Pharox:

  • Based on the most advanced LED technology.
  • Best and most obvious choice for the replacement of CFL and incandescent light bulbs.
  • The incandescent & Fluorescent bulb will be obsolete in 10 years.
  • The rapid adoption of this innovative LED lighting technology is the perfect solution.


Product Benefits

  • Warm, pleasant light
  • Perfect for accent or ambient lighting
  • Fully dimmable on select dimmers
  • Energy-efficient, up to 85% energy savings
  • 25+ years lifetime, based on 4 hours burning p/day
  • Up to R 79 savings per bulb per year
  • Lasts up to 35 times longer than incandescents
  • Eco-friendly, contains no mercury or lead
  • Up to 7 times lower carbon emissions
  • Surge protected
  • Emits no harmful UV radiation
  • Generates virtually no heat
  • Turns on instantly, without flickering


What should I know when I am buying a LED bulb?

There are two important concepts to keep in mind when purchasing an LED bulb: light output and color temperature. Light output, in the form of Lumens, will tell you how bright the bulb will be. The higher the lumen count, the greater the light output. Color temperature, in the form of degrees Kelvin, gives you the color of the light. A warmer light actually has a lesser Kelvin temperature, while a colder light has a higher Kelvin temperature.


What is LED technology exactly?

LED is the abbreviation for "Light Emitting Diodes". An LED is a semiconductor that emits light. A single LED is small and gives relatively small light output. By grouping them the light output rises. An LED bulb is made of a group of LEDs. The color of the LED depends on the material used. All the characteristics of the LED are used together determine the emission angle, luminous flux, light intensity and color display.