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What insulation would you recommend?

We typically put 2 layers of 50mm "Isotherm" (recycled plastic felting comes in rolls of varying thickness) so we can lapp the insulation to close over any but joints between the rolls of insulation and have a radiant heat barrier like "Alucusion" or "sisilation" on top with space for an air gap between the radiant barrier and the roof sheet (never touching as this would be totally ineffectual). This typically requires 114x50mm purlins fixed with hurricane clips rather than the standard 75x50 purlins used with sheet roofing. However, if you are going low cost you could go down to 70mm isotherm with or without your radiant barrier......basically the more insulation you can effect in the roof the better.


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"E-WIRE" lights by Andy Horn

The Eco Design lighting range is made from local or recycled materials. Standing Floor Lamps, Desk Lamps, Pendant Lights and Chandeliers are available. The lamp stands are from locally moon phase harvested alien timber. Recycled car parts are used as bases. Various paper shades & low energy LED light bulbs provide good lighting and create a beautiful atmosphere.

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We offer a number of construction & info manuals on our website on natural building technologies which specifically refer to the South African context. The info manual "A LIME DUNG PLASTER RECIPE" has recently been added to the collection.   Click here for more information.

All our manuals are also now available as E-Book downloads. Click here for the E-Books.