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Eco Design offers the following specialist services :


Natural Building Skills

Stone, adobe/mud brick, compressed earth brick, light clay construction, rammed earth, wattle and daub construction, straw bale construction, sandbag construction, natural plasters, vault and dome building skills, timber pole construction, timber pole harvesting and ecological timber treatments and harvesting.


Heritage Conservation

With experience in natural building techniques we carry knowledge of old building methods and have done alterations and restorations to heritage sensitive buildings.

Lecturing & Training

Andy has held a part time lectureship post, running courses and lectures in ecological design for the architecture faculty at University of Cape Town and lectures widely on the topic conducting seminars and presenting papers at green building conferences. Andy has also facilitated numerous natural building training workshops for his own design projects as well as for other individuals and architectural firms.

Participatory/Charette Design

Andy has been involved in a number participatory design workshops, including week-long design Charettes organized by Conservation International in the Northern Cape, namely “the Banking on Bulbs Charette??? in Nieuwoudtville, 2004, the “Kamiesburg Tourism Design Charette??? 2006, the Koonhuis De Beers Arid Eden Project 2007 as well as organizing and facilitating the charette for the Mamre Heritage Revitalization Project in 2007.


Product Design

Eco Design Architects has been developing a range of furniture using standing lamps, shelving, glasses, tables etc.



Geomancy is an ancient tradition of working in accordance with the natural occurring energy fields of the earth (lay lines, chakras, water currents etc). This is very important when looking for the correct position on a site for a building. We offer this service as a supplementary to the architectural design processes alternatively it can also be a once off service.


EMF Analysis

An investigation and measurement of electro magnetic frequency or “electro smog??? that occurs in a building or site. Furthermore it enables one to come up with practical solutions that will minimize /reduce the impact that electro smog has on people.


"E-WIRE" lights by Andy Horn

The Eco Design lighting range is made from local or recycled materials. Standing Floor Lamps, Desk Lamps, Pendant Lights and Chandeliers are available. The lamp stands are from locally moon phase harvested alien timber. Recycled car parts are used as bases. Various paper shades & low energy LED light bulbs provide good lighting and create a beautiful atmosphere.

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We offer a number of construction & info manuals on our website on natural building technologies which specifically refer to the South African context. The info manual "A LIME DUNG PLASTER RECIPE" has recently been added to the collection.   Click here for more information.

All our manuals are also now available as E-Book downloads. Click here for the E-Books.